How to Block Unwanted Calls on Android for Free

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Just like me, are you also sick of receiving spam calls on you Android phone? Here are several ways that i have used to can block annoying spam calls on my Android phone you can decide on whichever one to use.

Unwanted calls are such an unfortunate event in digital life that we cant evade. Whether you are getting too many robot calls or someone from your past would not just leave you alone (maybe your Ex), you might be wondering how to block all unwanted calls.

We will at least show you how to block calls and texts on your Android phone by using a variety of methods.

How to Block Numbers on Your Android Device

Android has an in-built option for blocking some phone numbers. This is a good option if a particular number keeps on calling you. We would go through the process in this section. If your device does not have all these features, try installing the Google Phone app.

To block a number that has recently called you, open your Phone app and switch over to the Recent list. Press and hold on a number, then click on the Block/report spam from the menu that comes up.

In the window that comes up, check the Report the call as spam box if it is applicable; this is not necessary if you only want to block the number for some personal reasons. Hit the Block again to confirm your choice.

To block a particular number that is not in the Recent list, tap on the three-dot menu that is at the top-right of the Phone app and choose on Settings. From the list, select Blocked numbers. From here, you can see all the numbers that you have blocked and you can remove any from the block list, if it is needed.

Click on “Add a number” to type out a phone number that you want to block. If you turn on the Unknown slider at the top of this page, your phone would block calls that show up as Private, Unidentified, or similar writing. Since the name can be a bit confusing, you should be aware that turning this on would not block all calls from numbers that are not in your contacts list.

Caller ID and Spam Options in Android’s Phone App

There is one other menu you should visit when you are blocking unwanted calls on your Android phone: Caller ID & spam from the same Settings menu that is mentioned above. From here, you will find a handful of sliders that help you to identify and avoid spam calls.

Android Caller ID Phone Options

Turn on “See caller and spam ID” and your phone would show you information about who is calling, even if it is a number you do not know. Turn on Filter spam calls and your phone would suppress calls that it suspects are spam automatically.

Block Callers Using Third-Party Apps

Android’s built-in options are great for blocking one-off numbers or stopping obvious spam. But if you still get lots of unwanted calls, you can next turn to apps made for stopping spam calls at large.

Reviews for these apps vary, as most of them charge a subscription to enable all features. But they’re worth a try if you can’t shake spammers with other methods. RoboKiller is a well-reviewed solution that offers a seven-day free trial. Truecaller is an old favorite that offers a basic plan for free.

Block Unwanted Calls Through Your Carrier

There is another option for blocking spam calls: using any services that your carrier might offer. For example, T-Mobile users would have seen the “Scam Likely” label on most of their incoming calls.

You should check with your carrier to see if this is a feature that it offers, and if it is worth paying for. Most of them offer a free level of that particular service, together with a premium spam-blocking option for an additional amount. Whether you find these or premium call-blocking applications worth it is up to you to decide.

Limit Incoming Calls Using Do Not Disturb

There is one other method that you might consider for cutting down on unwanted calls. The Android’s Do Not Disturb mode, which is designed to help you to focus by suppressing notifications and other interruptions, allows you to pick the type of calls that still alert you. You can therefore, tell this mode to only let calls through from people that you know, and to enable it at times when you would most often receive spam calls.

To setup your “Do Not Disturb”, go over to Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb. Choose People from the list, then hit on Calls. On the menu that comes up, you can choose who can reach you in “Do Not Disturb”. Choose Starred contacts to allow only your closest friends, or your Contacts to block calls from anyone you have not saved in your contact book.

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