How to Download Music From Spotify to Your Phone

In this article, we would show you how to download music from Spotify so you can listen to them without an active internet connection.

Spotify offers users an awesome platform for streaming music files. However, for some of us who are music lovers, we would not want to lose that music even if we are not online.

TO experience uninterrupted musical bliss, let’s check out how to download music on Spotify for offline play.

Requirements to Download Music on Spotify

To download music on Spotify, you would need to be a Premium member on Spotify. Sadly, free users are limited to downloading only podcasts on their phones.

As a Spotify Premium member, you can download all of your music all at once from either their individual albums or playlists. Then you would now be free to listen to all your music without any online connection.

Spotify Download Limitations

There are two other conditions to be aware of while downloading music from spotify and they are:

To keep your downloaded music files, you are required to come online at least once every thirty days. Spotify uses this measure to check that your account still has Premium access. If you happen to miss the deadline, Spotify would automatically remove the downloaded songs from your device.

Secondly, there is also a 10,000 song download limit across a maximum of five devices using that same account. If you download anything onto a sixth device, you will also lose previous downloads. Specifically, Spotify would clear out downloads of the device that has not been used for the longest duration of time.

How to Download Music on Spotify

To download music on Spotify, you need to always ensure that you have logged into a Premium account. If you are on Spotify Free, you would not see the option to download at all. Once you are logged in, follow the steps below:

  1. look for an album or a playlist that you want to download.
  2. Tap on the album or the playlist.
  3. For Android users, you need to tap the Download toggle. For iOS users, tap on the clear arrow icon.
  4. Once your download is successfully completed, you will see a green arrow icon next to where the download icon was.

While you are downloading your songs, Spotify would keep you posted on your download either by sending a notification popup, or an in-app download progress percentage. For playlists or albums that are staged in the queue, Spotify would identify them as “waiting to download.”

Spotify’s Offline Mode and Managing Music

If you only want to listen to the music you downloaded from Spotify, use Spotify’s Offline mode. To access it, go over to home then move over to Spotify’s settings. Under the Playback, settings turn on Offline mode through the toggle button.

While in Offline mode, Spotify would keep you posted on what content you can access. If you tap on just a followed artist, Spotify would remind you with a pop-up notification to go online.

If you browse for artists, playlists, or albums with music that you are yet to download, they will either appear grayed out or they would remain hidden. If you want to unhide the songs, enable Show unplayable songs under the Playback.

If you decide you want any of the unavailable songs, you can still set up downloads in the Offline mode. Simply tap your Spotify’s download button to schedule a download for music.

Within Your Library, you will see waiting to download prompts next to any of your scheduled playlists, artists, or Spotify albums. Once you turn off Offline mode, Spotify would automatically download your songs.

Enjoy Your Downloaded Spotify Music

Once you have learned how to download Spotify’s music on your phone, it would become very easy to build an amazing offline music collection. Just remember that you will need to follow Spotify’s requirements to keep your music always available.

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